Spring Cleaning

Back in the last week of April a group of AMC staff headed up into the backcountry.  Their task was to clean Mizpah, Galehead and Greenleaf in preparation of opening the huts for self service starting on May 1st.  Despite deep snow and freezing temperatures this group succeeded in its task and the huts have been open for a little over 2 weeks.  After those two weeks most of the snow has disappeared and the leaves are out in low lying valleys.  Here are some parting shots from the coldest spring in the past 5 years.

A gloomy April day up at Greenleaf

Rime ice building on the croo entrance

Several feet of snow along the Garfield Ridge Trail

Wintry day at Galehead

Sun setting through the snow covered trees

Last rays of light cast on Galehead's western face