LEGO Hiking Carter Notch: Wild Ridgewalks

Carri and Jackson continue their search for the best kept secrets surrounding Carter Notch in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Feeling refreshed after a great night’s sleep, they're looking forward to summiting Wildcat Mountain and walking its long, wooded ridgeline.

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Gooooood morning from Carter Notch! What a BEAUTIFUL day!

Time to get in a few stretches...and some morning calisthenics.

(Intrigued by Jackson’s morning routine, Carri kicks back on a hut blanket. She’ll later fold it neatly – lengthwise once, widthwise twice.)

After a hearty breakfast of oatmeal, pancakes, bacon, eggs, and a whole lot of coffee, we take a moment to survey our surroundings before hitting the trail.

Trail #selfie! (#Trailfie?)

(We think Jackson was telling a joke here. Something about “a plastic hiker walks into a Hut…”)

Carri knows how to take a photo. Look at the framing – and the focus? Spot on!

Views: View of Carter Notch from Wildcat Ridge Trail (A.T.) by Webeditor Amc
Best-kept Secret #5: Carter Notch from Wildcat Mountain. Click and drag on map to see this 180° view!

Hot day calls for cool trailside waterfalls. (Jackson notes to pay particular attention that one’s footing is sound before entering the water.)

We extra short folks are extra thankful for the observation platform on Wildcat. Horray for bagging 2 more 4,000-footers! (Wildcat Mountain & Wildcat D.)

Views: Observation Platform on Wildcat "D" by Webeditor Amc
Best-kept Secret #6: Wildcat “D” Summit. Click and drag on map to view this 360° vista!

Until next time, Pinkham Notch.

...And of course we couldn't help ourselves from building a new home modeled after our favorite hut of all-time!

Thanks for following our trip!

– Carri and Jackson

Now that you’ve completed the journey in this blog, it’s time to plan your hut-to-hut adventure. If you’re in search of quieter trails and unforgettable summits, Carter Notch Hut is your place. See you out there!

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