LEGO Hiking Carter Notch: Ponds and Ramparts

Carri and Jackson continue their search for the best-kept secrets surrounding Carter Notch in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

After a delicious dinner of homemade garlic bread, minestrone soup, and BBQ chicken, Carri and Jackson head to the Ramparts for some exploring – and celebrating the Carter Notch Hut 100th anniversary.

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Views: Sunset on the Upper Ramparts at Carter Notch by Webeditor Amc
Best-kept Secret #3: Carter Notch Ramparts. Click and drag on map to view a 360° vista!

"Jackson, give me a boost!" (It takes skilled teamwork to summit Carter Notch Hut’s celebratory cupcake.)

“On three…”

Hopped up on chocolate sugary goodness, Carri’s inner naturalist takes over and begins pointing out the peaks to the southeast.

Jackson prefers to take a different approach.

“Look at the sun hitting Carter Dome! Spec-TACULAR! Oh, and the Ramparts, JACKSON DO YOU SEE HOW BIG THEY ARE?!” 

Not soon after, Carri sugar-crashes. Hard. A sit by one of the Carter Lakes seems like the perfect way to end the day. 

Views: Carter Notch Ponds by Webeditor Amc
Best-kept Secret #4: Carter Notch Ponds. Click and drag on map to view a 360° vista!

Time to rest our plastic legs. We’ll catch you in our next (and final) post where we’ll set our sights on the Wildcat ridge, high above Carter Notch.

-Carri and Jackson

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