LEGO Hiking Carter Notch: Unforgettable Summits

Carri and Jackson were on a first-name basis with the Presidentials. When others were bragging about summiting Washington, they said, “Oh, you mean George?” They were in a hiking rut.

Friends kept talking about a legendary land where Wildcats roam and massive boulders are strewn like pebbles deep in the cleft of a secluded notch. They talked of George’s majesty from a special vantage point, where you can stare into his storied ravines like windows to the soul.

So they pointed their compass to a magical place called Carter Notch in search of some of the best-kept secrets in New Hampshire's White Mountains – secrets they’ll reveal to you in their pint-sized trail diary. Enjoy!

Diary 1 of 4

The sun is shining! We’re at the Nineteen-Mile Brook trailhead and heading to Carter Notch Hut (rumor has it, the hut is celebrating 100 years). Today is going to be AWESOME!

Look! That moss is as green as your legs, Jackson!

Jackson picks his way up this sheer cliff – an incredible feat for a man of his size.

Have we gone astray? Is this Mt. Washington and Lakes of the Clouds? Or, just a small rock formation? You decide. (Can you spot Jackson?)

So…bright! Carri loves water, but hates solar glare. You win this time, sun.

Obstacles overcome, we continued happily up the trail.

Fields of lush alpine moss and vegetation make any tramper’s trip to Carter memorable. And really quite pleasant on the feet. (No vegetation was harmed in the taking of this photo. Seriously, stay on the designated trail!)

“BEHOLD, CARRI!” Jackson exclaimed to me from the summit of Mt. Hight along the Appalachian Trail, looking at Mt. Washington. (Check out Jackson's new walking stick, hewn from the finest of twigs.)

Views: 360° views from the summit of Mt. Hight by Webeditor Amc
Best-kept Secret #1: Mt. Hight. Click and drag map to view an incredibly unique 360° vista from the summit of Mt. Hight, some of the best views of the Northern Presidentials.

(Pals? Soul mates? BFF’s? Either way, the view from Mt. Hight into the Wild River Wilderness is ridiculously awesome.)

That’s all for now, be sure to continue the journey with us by tuning in to our next 3 posts.

-Carri and Jackson 

Visit Carter Notch Hut >>

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