The Start of the Season

After 8 months of cold and darkness the leaves have emerged and the summer croos have arrived.  Last week we met at Camp Dodge to begin our training alongside the Shelters Caretakers, Professional Trail Crew, the Camp Dodge Trail Crew Leaders and others who are starting seasonal work for the AMC.  After hearing from the leadership of the AMC and the US Forest Service we ascended the southern end of the Presidential Range and came to rest at Mizpah Spring Hut.  There the hut croo learned everything from troubleshooting their propane generators to baking beautiful loaves of bread.  Right when the croo’s brains reached their saturation point we hiked back down to the valley for a well-deserved day off.  On Sunday we met again at Camp Dodge, divvied up packboards and the crews set off for their huts. After a thorough cleaning the huts opened back up for full service on Wednesday June 4th.

 AMC seasonal staff hearing from Dee Hines the Deputy Forest Supervisor of the 
White Mountain National Forest
Kathryn Barnes doesn't have a group

Hut croo discussing Leave No Trace scenarios with Sally Manikian AMC's Backcountry Resource Conservation Manager

 Kayla Rutland helps Harry Stone try on a packboard

Trying on packboards at Camp Dodge

 Abby Giles, less than pleased that her old packboard was decommissioned.

 Eliza Hazen ringing in the first night of dinner at Mizpah Hut.