Summer's Here!

The huts have been open for a few weeks, but now that school is out and the summer solstice has passed, we can officially say summer is here. Crews have settled into their huts, fine tuned their cooking skills, identified the best "krump rocks" and are ready for a busy Independence Day Weekend. Below are some photos showing the beginning our season. If you haven't already been up to a hut this summer, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Madison Hutmaster, George Heinrichs, serves his father and the AMC's Presidents Society at an opening event on June 17th.

A Lakes crew member preps veggies for their alpine salad

A member of the AMC's professional trail crew builds a rock staircase on the Lonesome Lake Trail

Zealand Hutmaster, Jeff Pedersen, packs his first load of food for the season

Freshly baked foccacia cooling at Lonesome

Madison Naturalist, Johannes Griesshammer, "dives" while third year crew member, Leah Hart, "moves"

Greenleaf first years, Kelly Dennen and Katie Schide, serve split pea and ham soup to a hiking group from the mid-west

The 2011 summer Hutmasters at Lakes for "Hutmaster Set"