Madison Update- We're open for business!

Just like we had planned, Madison Spring Hut opened it's doors on June 2 to kick off the start to the 2011 full-service huts season. After spending four years conceptualizing, designing, fund-raising, planning and building, we're proud to have the new Madison looking and functioning like the 21st century hut we envisioned.

There are so many people who contributed to the project and all deserve much credit and thanks for making this a success. From AMC staff to chapters, members, donors, the OHA, JBI, LDa, WMNF, volunteers, contractors and many many others, thank you for your support. But, if it weren't for the talented and skilled Construction Crew members who dug deep over the fall, winter and spring suffering through horrible weather, broken equipment, unexpected obstacles and a very tight timeline, we wouldn't be here today. Thanks for a job well done CC.

Since the hut opened last Thursday, there have already been two full-houses and it's looking like a great summer is ahead of us. The crew is quickly learning the intricacies of the new hut, using the new green systems, unpacking food, finishing last minute projects and turning this new building into a true high mountain hut. Although this is no easy task, there couldn't be a better group of dedicated people to do it. Between the six crew members, they've all worked prior seasons in the huts, three have been Hutmasters, four have been Assistant Hutmasters, two have been Naturalists and combined, they've worked at all seven other huts.

So, there are two great reasons to come and visit Madison this summer, we have a beautiful new hut and a friendly, experienced and energetic crew. Although this is a new chapter in the huts, the tradition that was started at Madison years ago, of offering high mountain hospitality to all, is as strong as ever. Here's to a great summer and to the spirit of Madison!