Madison Update- Fall Work is Complete

After working on the hut since early September, the AMC's Construction Crew boarded up Madison for the winter and hiked out last week. For the crews who have been working on the hut, it's been a long fall. After dealing with sub-zero wind chills, snow and ice, postponed airlifts, frozen water pipes, icy trails, broken equipment and all the other challenges that come with working on a construction site above tree-line 3.8 miles from the road, they were ready for a winter break. To witness the progress they've made though is amazing.

Despite their challenges, the Construction Crew has almost finished exterior work and is well on their way to finishing off the interior. In a little over two months they have demoed the wooden hut, added an additional wing, rebuilt the entire structure with new bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, crew room and attic, installed windows, cedar shingled the roof and exterior walls, pine paneled the dining room and bathrooms, strung electrical wires and started the plumbing. When the crew hiked out last week, they were well ahead of schedule.

Over the winter, we'll spend time looking at the details of the kitchen, dining room and bunk rooms. Shelves and cabinets will be pre-assembled, kitchen items will be purchased and bunk layouts mocked up. When the Construction Crew hikes back in to Madison in April, they'll have plenty of work to do before it opens for full-service. New energy systems using solar PV panels, passive solar heat and wind will be installed, the fir floor will be put down, interior paneling finished, kitchen built and new spacious bunks will be assembled. There's still a lot of work that needs to happen but with the way things have been going, we're all looking forward to the hut being ready to open for on June 2. Check out the photos below and look for the next Madison update in the spring.

Craig Pedersen measuring a board for the food storage room.

Ryan Albert cutting a piece of pine paneling for the new dining room.

Jeremiah Macrae-Hawkins boarding up the attic window for the winter.

Tom Bindas, Project Manager, and crew relaxing near the stove after a long day.

The new Madison Spring Hut with Mt. Adams in the background.