Madison Update-Demo Time

A lot can happen in five days. I never thought that a hut could be completely dismantled in such a short amount of time but it happened last week. On Monday, the AMC's Construction Crew hiked up the Valley Way as the last guests were hiking out. After three years of planning for this project, it didn't take them long to get to work.

As the fall hut crew was boxing up food, kitchen supplies and cleaning out the crew room, Tom Bindas, Project Manager, and Kieth Wehmeyer started disassembling bunks in the south bunk room. Because the stone bunk house is the only part of the structure being preserved, it will serve as living quarters, kitchen and wood shop for the construction crew while they rebuild the rest of the hut. Pictured in the temporary kitchen is Bethany Taylor, the head cook for one of the work crews.

After the sink, stove, shelves and food was moved into the bunk room, the real demo work started. Tom and Kieth kindly took a wall down in the dining room and crew room for the fall crew to exit out of. They then moved on to the remaining crew room walls, roof and dining room. With a couple saws, pry bars and some muscle, the hut quickly disappeared behind the clouds and by Saturday, September 11th, the sun came out to reveal not much more than the old Madison #3.

With Saturday being the first clear day of the week, we took advantage of it and started airlifting building supplies to the hut. More than 32 tons of lumber, concrete, tools and food was lifted to the hut, which is only half of the 60 tons that will be needed to finish the construction. The timing was perfect as the demo work was coming to an end and new lumber was needed to start rebuilding this week.

As joists get put in and walls start going up, I'll try to keep everyone updated with new photos and stories from the crew because as we've found out, a lot can happen in five days.