Spring Flowers

I hiked over to Lakes yesterday for an early season field visit. The huts have been open for a week and I wanted to say hi to the crew, check in on a couple things and also see some of the incredible alpine flowers that have started to bloom. Instead of taking my normal route of the Crawford Path from the summit of Mt. Washington to the hut, I took the scenic route.

I started from the Auto Road and hiked down the Huntington Ravine Trail through a small and quickly melting snowfield to the Alpine Garden Trail. I then skirted my way around the east side of Washington to the Tuckerman Ravine Trail, the Davis Path and then the Camel Trail to the hut. It was a beautiful day with great visibility, cool temps and a light breeze. To my pleasure, I was able to see many different plant species, most notably Diapensia, which is in full bloom. Below are a few photos from my hike.

Looking south on the Alpine Garden Trail


Lapland Rosebay

Mt. Washington from the Davis Path

Mt. Monroe and Lakes of the Clouds from the Camel Trail

Tuckerman Ravine from Lion's Head