Make the Hut a Hut

These were my simple instructions for the Ream Team this year and our mantra while we opened Mizpah, Greenleaf and Galehead for the 2010 season. Making the hut a hut was no simple task, in fact, it took our team of seven people, six days to convert these empty, dirty, boarded up buildings into the AMC Huts we know and love.

To put it simply, Ream Team's job is to hike to a hut, scrub every surface inside, unpack food and kitchen supplies and then repeat. There of course is a lot more that happens but with an experienced group like the one we had, they could interpret the simplest directions and know what had to happen for the hut to really become a hut. Having four people on our team who worked last fall made the job a little less daunting. Because they were the last ones to see the huts before they were boarded up, they knew exactly where everything was stored and where it belonged.

As we practiced Mr. Miyagi's wax-on-wax-off techniques with bleach rags, a healthy discussion was held throughout the week on each hut's condition and a final grade was given to the previous fall's crew. All three huts were in great shape so a big thanks goes to everyone for their hard work, but a special thanks goes to the 2009 Fall Galehead Crew, nice job. Below are a few photos showing our week of work.

Mizpah Spring Hut with 10 feet of snow hiding the front door

Scrubbing the winter layer off pots and pans

A thorough bleaching of the Greenleaf dining room

A nice end to a long day

Galehead's mattresses drying in the sun after a deep cleaning

This hut's a hut