End of the Season

A lot has happened over the last couple months in the huts. Summer crews came and went, fall crews took over, hot meals were served, BFD's were performed, Junior Naturalists graduated, fall foliage crept in and is now quickly leaving, injured hikers were assisted, evening programs were given, walls and floors were scrubbed, Mountain Watch data was collected, friendships were made, the latchstring was always out and now the 2009 full-service season has come to an end. Below are some images that will help capture the latest happenings in the huts.

Guests eating dinner and enjoying the view at Lakes of the Clouds

Berry pies being prepared for the evenings dessert

AMC's Search and Rescue Team carries an injured hiker out with Twin Mt. Fire Dept.

A Lakes crew member scrubs the hard to reach areas before closing

A Construction Crew member makes room for the next propane cylinder to be flown up

Mizpah crew members serve hot soup to hungry guests

First snow of the year. Huntington Ravine from Pinkham Notch

A full moon rises over Mizpah

The last pack out