Moving In

Below are some photos of the Lakes of the Clouds crew hiking to the hut for their first time. When they arrived at the hut on Sunday afternoon, a volunteer crew had done a great job at starting the opening process but, the crew had three days to prepare the entire hut for the summer season which meant long days of scrubbing all surfaces, counting food and kitchen items, organizing displays and the library, and getting mentally prepared to host and serve a different group of 90 guests every day for the rest of the summer. Happily, I can say that Lakes and the other seven huts are now open for the summer and so far we are off to a great start.

Leaving Mt. Washington Summit in high winds and cold temps.

Crew members getting used to their packboards

Lingering ice on the lake

Front coming in from the west

The crew enjoying a short break from opening on one of the last snow fields