Summer Views

It's been a while since I have made a post but don't worry, I haven't abandoned the blog. Actually, it has been quite the opposite as I have been getting out to as many huts as possible visiting Hut Crews, meeting hikers, eating some incredible food and enjoying the summer all so that I could report back here with some good material. Although this time, instead of writing about it, I posted these pictures to tell the story of what's been going on in the huts and I'll get back next week with some more.

A group of hikers at Galehead
playing music after dinner.

Greenleaf Hutmaster, Hillary Gerardi,
preparing heart shaped, raspberry jam
filled, shortbread cookies.

Graduation ceremony for Lonesome
Lakes' newest Junior Naturalists.

Galehead crew warming up
for their morning wakeup call.

A family enjoying hut
ghost stories at Mizpah.

A moose who wanted to
join me in fishing at Lonesome Lake.