Summer Training

The last few weeks have been busy to say the least as the 2008 full-service season is finally here. This is certainly a milestone as we have been planning and preparing for this since mid-November when we chose our Hutmasters and assigned huts for the summer. After spending the winter planning every detail, the hut crews are out there, the huts are open and the summer season is under way.

We kicked the season off with a week of training for all 49 crew members who are working at the eight huts this summer. Everyone took a Wilderness First Aid course if they weren't certified in it already, we learned about the AMC, White Mountain National Forest, and spent three days at Mizpah covering everything from cooking to guest service, search and rescue, interpretive resources, education, green technology, trail maintenance and of course how to successfully perform a Blanket Folding Demonstration.

For some, this was their first Gala (as we call it) and for others this was their third, fourth or fifth. For the hut crews working this summer and for the many who have worked in the past, life in a hut is more than just a summer job, much like staying in a hut is more than going to a motel on the side of a mountain. The community created in the huts by the people inside them is something which draws both crews and visitors back year after year. The huts are great facilities located in some of the most beautiful areas in the Northeast but, the spark, energy, humor and hospitality of the staff inside them makes the house a home. I saw the spark last week during training and I hope that you get the chance to see it this summer too.

Below are the 2008 Summer Hut Crews (missing Galehead which is coming soon)