Return of Spring, and the Blog

Spring is a time of change, new beginnings and the time to get ready for a busy summer in the huts. As the new Huts Manager, I will be continuing what Mike started with the Huts Blog, making posts as regularly as possible to keep all updated, informed and entertained.

On most days, it still feels like winter here in the North Country but, there are small signs of the coming summer. On my most recent visit to Lonesome Lake Hut, I arrived on a warm spring night with temperatures in the mid 40's and alpenglow on Franconia Ridge. When I left in the morning it was in the 20's, snowing, and summer couldn't have felt further away.

For those of you who haven't been to the Whites this winter or haven't heard, we've had quite a bit of snow. So far, this has been the second snowiest winter on record in Concord, NH and more accurately one that parents and grandparents will tell you is at the top of their list too. The huts have seen their share of snow requiring an addition to our Lonesome snow stake (pictured at 74 inches), burying trail signs and making snowbanks higher than the roofs. Our caretakers at Lonesome Lake, Zealand Falls and Carter Notch Huts have all been busy shoveling roofs and walkways, clearing solar panels and building Hulk-like back and arm muscles.

Lonesome Lake Caretaker, Avery Miller, who has 7 seasons in the huts under her belt is shown performing some delicate snow removal from the solar panels which allow us to run our lights, fire system, radio, pumps and refrigerators while being completely off the grid. Jesse Billingham, Huts Field Supervisor, is pictured shoveling off the bunkhouse roof and digging out the windows in preparation for the Lonesome renovations this April which will include new metal roofs, bigger bunkhouse windows and a new fir floor for the kitchen and dining room.

Although I love winter in the Whites, I am ready for warm weather, leaves on the trees and fresh baked hut bread. Jesse and I are busy preparing for the summer season and Greenleaf, Galehead and Mizpah will be open for self-service in less than a month. For more information on the huts and to make reservations go to Look for more posts to come and we'll see you out there.