Quiet Night

The huts have always served meals “family-style.” During the early weeks of June this phrase is especially accurate because the groups of guests are family-sized. On Tuesday I stopped at Greenleaf for the night. There were only three guests on the books. With the official start of summer still two weeks away, and many schools still in session, these will be the only slow nights of the season.

Eric Pedersen is the Hutmaster at Greenleaf. I call him Mr. Pedersen because when he interviewed for a crew position three years ago he arrived in a tie and blazer. He served the guests while Christina Arrison (known as Cricket) ran the kitchen. Geoff Graham washed the occasional dish.

After dinner the three guests and all the crew went to Maia Pinsky’s evening program on bogs. Eagle Lake, just below the hut, is actually a bog. Its water is acidic and low in nutrients. Some plants, like the sundews and pitcher plants, have turned to carnivory. They trap and eat bugs. They live like grouchy Yukon hermits, eating whatever comes to their doorstep.

In the evening Geoff and Cricket sang Irish folk songs (photo), and everyone went to bed early.