Lonesome Again

Today a visit to Lonesome gave me the chance to ride my motorcycle across the Kancamaugus Highway. The clouds were low and dark, but the rain never came. In Franconia Notch the sun was shining on the Cannon cliffs.

Up at Lonesome the Hutmaster Erica Marcus was training a new cook. Justin Rowe was cooking for 5 guests, including a 2-year-old (photo). The new food storage space and crew room is a huge improvement. Angel and Chris (see prev. post) are to be highly commended for their work. The crew has made themselves quickly at home. The room is scattered with boots, hiking clothes, backpacks, and books. The new windows have a view of the lakeshore and the Franconia ridge. This room should make a comfortable year-round home for the summer crews and winter caretakers.