Spring in the Whites

Hello Readers,

This week up here in the Northcountry the trees are leafing out. After a colorless, snowless winter the birches, oaks, ash, and maples are edging up the mountainsides in mobs. Late in the day the leaves are green and translucent like grapes.

It makes sense to begin a notebook of a season in the AMC's High Mountain Huts now. Like everything else in the Whites the huts come to life in the spring. On this webpage I plan to bring you the stories, photos, trail conditions, and characters of a season in the hut system. As an institution the huts are like an iceberg, and a great deal of their substance is not immediately visible. During the summer I'll try to share some of this substance, history and culture. I hope you'll enjoy the posts, and look forward to your comments.


Mike Kautz
Huts Manager