The Ream Team

Hello Readers,

Each spring as the snow melts in the mountains a crew of hutmen and hutwomen head up to the huts to clean them. This team is known as the Ream Team. It is like the A-Team, but without Mr. T, and in New Hampshire instead of Los Angeles. However, like the A-Team the Ream Team regularly does the impossible. In less than 36 hours they turn a hut in disarray into a hut ready for hospitality. Over 6 days they move from Mizpah, to Greenleaf, to Galehead. This year’s team was made up of (name, home state and college):

Dave Anderson, New Hampshire, UNH
Maia Pinsky, Maine, Carleton
Liza Knowles, New York, Colgate
Lynne Zummo, Connecticut, Middlebury
Selena Humphreys, Maine, UConn
Anastasia Roy, New Hampshire, Oberlin
Mike Kautz, Maine, Middlebury
Caitlin Gray, New Hampshire, Lafayette

The following is an outline, by hut, of opening three huts in 6 days.